zooplus SE Company Code of Conduct

The trust of our business partners, customers, shareholders, authorities and the public in the responsible and lawful conduct of our employees is of great importance to our company’s reputation and success.

All employees are expected to possess a high level of social and ethical competency. This expectation also applies when we select our business partners. Through the company’s managers, zooplus will keep employees informed and actively support them in meeting these expectations.

Responsible and lawful action is common practice at zooplus. As such, our Code of Conduct does not contain any new rules, but rather illustrates the requirements concerning our behavior when performing our duties, both externally and internally. In doing so, employees have a duty only to the company and not to individuals such as a supervisor. Compliance with the laws and regulations of all countries in which we operate is our highest priority. We do not do or refrain from doing anything that would lead to a violation of the law. Exceptions to this are not permitted, not even based on customary business practices or regional customs.

The Code of Conduct is not intended to replace detailed rules or procedures and is therefore broad and inherently generic. Instead, by naming the core elements of individual and corporate responsibility, it should serve to give all employees a clear understanding of the principles and ethical values that apply at zooplus. Our Code of Conduct applies to zooplus SE and all companies within the zooplus group (“zooplus”).


zooplus SE Supplier Code of Conduct

zooplus SE together with all of the companies within the zooplus group (“zooplus”) is committed to conducting its business relationships and sourcing of quality merchandise and services in a manner that reflects our high ethical, moral and social values.

We are committed to ensuring that the merchandise and services we source are obtained only from suppliers who strive to uphold and adhere to ethical principles of conduct. We reserve the right not to do business with suppliers that do not share and demonstrate our commitment and values.

The zooplus Supplier Code of Conduct sets out our requirements and expectations that all suppliers and their affiliated organizations – including suppliers, factories and authorized subcontractors – must comply with, in order to conduct business with zooplus and its related businesses.

The ethical principles detailed in this Code of Conduct are grounded in the basic principles of the UN Global Compact, the International Labour Standards drawn up by the ILO, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention Against Corruption. Suppliers and their affiliated organizations must demonstrate adherence and continuous improvement towards the principles set out in this Code of Conduct.


zooplus SE Transparency Statement - Modern Slavery Act

zooplus SE together with all of the companies within the zooplus group is strongly committed to respecting human rights, including the identification and elimination of modern slavery and human trafficking.

We understand the complexity and the impact of Modern Slavery. Although zooplus has not been linked to these types of human rights violations, the company is aware of its responsibility to respect human rights along its entire value chain and endorse the transparency that the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015  encourages.

Therefore, we comply with the requirements set out in section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and disclose annually our activities related to the protection of human rights and social standards in our business and supply chain. The statement covers zooplus SE as well as all our subsidiaries in Germany and abroad (altogether “group”), in particular MATINA GmbH, bitiba GmbH, MATINA Services Ltd., and zooplus services ltd.